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It can be difficult to find suppliers of the sometimes unusual and unique goods and services that artists and crafters need, so we have decided to list a few recommendations here. This page is in its very early stages, but we think that it may develop into a valuable resource. We're starting by listing some recommendations for Packaging Suppliers; other categories will follow.

We are also working on adding some carefully selected local links to sites that may be interesting to our members.

Packaging Suppliers

  • Chiswick Packaging Solutions, 1-888-225-8708
    Recommended by Troy R
  • Cooke Sales, Halifax,
    Recommended by Joan L
  • Pritchards Packaging, Ontario,
    Recommended by Susanne B

If you have recommendations that you'd like to share, please let us know. But, to keep the list as relevant and useful as possible, we have some rules!

  • If you have a personal connection to your recommended link, please disclose that (that is, if the business that you are recommending belongs to your mother-in-law, please say so!)
  • Please don't recommend any company that you have not personally dealt with. There are many lists of resources on the Internet; we'd like to keep this one as relevant as possible by limiting recommendations to  those that people have personal knowledge of.
  • We will list your first name when you recommend a resource. We will not list anonymous recommendations. 

Finally ... we are not involved with the businesses listed, and, of course, are not responsible for anything they may or may not do.


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