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The South Shore Arts website is no longer a non-profit organization, and does not have members. However, you can still be involved; just send us an email!

If you are an artist or crafter on the South Shore, you may want to

  • Receive our emailed newsletter
  • Send us announcements about your activities, so we can include them in our emailed newsletters.
  • Suggest items for the Resources and Links page
  • Get your own webpage in the Gallery
  • Your own webpage...

    • Would you like to show your work on the web? We can put your work on a page in our Gallery, and no technical knowledge on your part is required! You can display as much, or as little, contact information as you feel comfortable with.
    • We ask for a one-time $25 fee to set up a new Gallery page, which goes toward site hosting fees.
    • If you'd like to get your own page in our Gallery, please drop a line to

    If you’d like to know a bit about the history of and reason for this site, see About Us.

    If you are curious about the activities and events that we have been involved in, take a look at some our past activities

    Would you like to volunteer?

    Although we have scaled down our activities, if you have energy and enthusiasm, we can probably make use of it! No need to make a big time commitment, but if you are interested in promoting your work by putting on a workshop, compiling events and resources, or simply attending a gathering, send an email to 


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