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The following list will give you an idea of the types of workshops and activities that were organized by the SSAC.

First Annual General Meeting and Workshop Day

SSAC is excited to have had our first  Annual General Meeting and to have hosted a successful day full of seminars and workshops in February 2003. With wonderful speakers on topics that ranged from Galleries and Jurying, Spirituality and the Creative  Process, Getting Ready to Export, Financing, Copyrights, Intellectual Property,  and Internet Galleries, every participant had the opportunity to come away with something new.

First Annual SSAC Festival

The first annual festival, held in Bridgewater in September 2002, was a success!  We had great membership support with 44 of our 59 members exhibiting, displaying diverse skills and talents - from artists working in traditional mediums to furniture designers and woodworkers to soaps and fiber art. We  had 400 visitors to the show, and a terrific response from the invited guests to the press party, even though the show was on very short notice.  We received great, helpful feedback from the participants, which we  will use when organizing our next event.

Workshop: An Introduction to Wholesaling your Product

Bernard Burton, Manager of the Atlantic Craft Trade Show (ACTS), presented an excellent introductory workshop on wholesaling. Along with an overview of ACTS, the topics covered  included Wholesale vs. Retail, Planning for a Trade Show, Preparing to do Business, and Making the Sale. He also displayed a variety of booth photos and discussed both the artistic and practical issues involved in  designing an effective booth. Although intended specifically for people who are considering entering the wholesale market, much of the information is also helpful for artists and artisans who are not ready or not  intending to wholesale their products. This workshop, held in November 2002 at ACSBE in Bridgewater, was a 'short' (2 - 3 hour) version. 

Workshop: How to Start Your Arts or Crafts Business

Sarah  Allan, Business Counsellor at the ACSBE Resource Centre, presented a 3 hour workshop on 'How to Start your Arts & Crafts Business'. Using the perspective of the beginning artist or artisan who wishes to begin doing  business, she covered topics such as regulations, business resources, marketing, product pricing, refining your product line, and choosing the best shows. This workshop was held in December 2002, and was free for SSAC  members.